Happy Holi 2020: Play Holi With Herbal Colours But Stay Alert From Coronavirus

Before Holi, demand for herbal colours has increased in city markets. According to Sadar Bazar traders, 80% of the demand constitutes herbal and flower colours. But harmful dyes containing chemicals are also being sold in the market.

Harmful effect of synthetic colours

• Green colour made of copper sulphate can cause eye problems like allergy, swelling and light problems.

• Silver colour is made of aluminium bromide that can cause skin cancer. But this colour is more popular these days.

• Red colour could contain mercury that can also cause skin cancer.

• Many popular colours have heavy metals like silica lead that causes skin allergies and eczema problems.

People are advised to avoid synthetic colours and use only herbal colours that are 100% natural and safe. Also, there is warning for coronavirus. Playing Holi in groups could be dangerous as coronavirus spreads through human contacts.

Medical advice by doctors and others

• Dr Kabir Sardana Dermatologist advised not to use China made colours in any situation. He urged to play Holi without colours and avoid getting wet.

• Dr Ajay Lekhi, former president of Delhi Medical Association, said that people could play Holi only with herbal colours, sandalwood and turmeric.

• Actor Sandeep Mohan said that harmful colours always damage the skin. People should avoid playing Holi with colours. He suggested herbal colours for Holi.

Traders said that herbal colours are more in demand. People are showing interest in natural colours. They further said that orange and yellow colours were more in demand.

Source: https://bit.ly/2TzKjm7

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