HBO Max Announced Release Of Zack Snyder’s Justice League Re-Cut

HBO is going to release its streaming service from next week and it will host a re-versioned edition of the superhero film Justice League according to an announcement made by the company.

Justice League

Based on the DC comic book, the film was released in 2017. But its director Zack Snyder didn’t contribute to the post-production and editing work because of a family tragedy. His daughter did suicide.

Joss Whedon, the director of The Avengers completed the movie in the absence of Snyder but fans commented that the movie was too-light hearted. Whedon did many things but fans complained that the job wasn’t up to the Snyder’s original intent.

Soon the fans started a campaign #ReleasetheSnyderCut on social media and persuaded the producers to make a new version of the movie. It is set to be release in 2021 but it isn’t known whether it will be a six-part series or a long directors-cut film.

Streaming competition

Like others, HBO Max is also starting video streaming service and looking for Hollywood A-listers to attract subscribers. But it was likely to get Justice League because HBO Max is the subsidiary of Warner Media that made the movie.

Similarly, Apple TV Plus made an announcement regarding its streaming service. It announced that it will release Tom Hank’s film Greyhound. The movie is developed by Sony Pictures. The movie was set for a theatrical release but the producers changed their mind due to COVID-19 induced lockdown.


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