Pakistan made a major decision against India: Appends all Mutual Trade

From the past few days, Pakistan is stung by the Modi’s win on Article 370, Pakistan debarred India’s high commissioner Ajay Bisaria, who divides Jammu & Kashmir in two UT of its superior prestige.

The BJP government won with a big margin in both houses of parliament in resolving the article 370 and bind Jammu & Kashmir in India, Pakistan was stung and thought to hit back and came out to dangle all bilateral trades with India.

Pakistan also takes this matter of 370 to United Nations, sources said. Imran Khan starts discussions overs J&K with Trump to play a mediator’s role.

The sources said Imran khan will take this case to the United Nations with Security Council, on its independence day 14 august.

Flashback on Pakistan for Indian Envoy

Last time, Pakistan expelled envoy in 2002 after terror attacks in India, comprising the one on Parliament Ashraf Jehangir Qazi. Well, this did not happen suddenly. At that time, India initially recalled its envoy Vijay Nambiar from Pakistan. Pakistan did not play tit-for-tat that time as like today.

India barred Qazi after the attack on Indian Military camp in May 2002.

Imran Khan appends trade with India and said 15 August a black day

Yesterday, the decisions were released after a meeting with the Security Council by Imran Khan. He said we suspend all diplomatic relations and trade with India. This meeting promised to review all mutual trade with NSC and situation inside J&K as on the line of control. Even the Pakistan army played a major role in this decision.

The sources said Imran Khan wants to chat with trump to renew talks on J&K.

On Independence Day, 14 august the day will observe as cohesion with courageous Kashmiris and their scuffle for self-discrimination. Further added, 15 August will be a Black day, Imran Khan said. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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