How to detect the Hidden Cameras in your Hotel room using your smartphone

Nowadays hidden cameras become very troublesome which could be dissembled as any object. These are very dangerous for everyone. This type of camera used for many dangerous purposes. For example, if you are going for a vacation abroad then someone monitors your house with these cameras, but you don’t know that person who is monitoring your house. With this, he can do very scary things by misusing your private photos or videos.

Sometimes the hotel room also hides this type of tiny camera that also works in the dark and make them able to see the live- stream photoplay. This issue is very prevalent in many areas. People mostly book hotel rooms with online services as Airbnb and Oyo, and they have mostly detected the tiny cameras hidden somewhere in their room. In case you stay in a Hotel room you need to detect it. How? You just need a smartphone to detect all this rubbish Hidden Cameras in your room.

Some steps to detect the hidden cameras are as following:

• Firstly when you entered your room, you have to switch off all the light sources available in your room like tube lights, bulbs, television, decoration lights, power strip, and indicator, etc. because hidden cameras can found in so much dark.

• Then you have to open the camera option from your phone. In iPhone, this option is on the home screen of your phone but in other Android phones, you have to search the first camera option.

• Now open your Phone cameras and point it to doubtful areas like Shelves, clocks, while things like stuffed toys and books, mirrors, decoration items like paintings or pictures. Sometimes these are also placed in the corner of the rooms. So find them by pointing phone cameras on these areas.

• While pointing a camera on these things or places you look carefully for the white spot appears from anywhere. Move your camera everywhere because your phone camera could see easily the hidden camera but your eyes could not saw it. Where you saw this white spot, then start to investigate rigorously.

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