How Will Layoff Impact Twitter Business In India?

Elon Musk downsized the Twitter India team on Friday according to his plans for reducing the infrastructural cost of the social media platform. While a majority of officials were removed, a handful of employees in the sales operations are retained.


• 50-60% of the Twitter India staff have been let go
• There is no information about the severance pay
• India is the third-largest market for Twitter after US and Japan

What Is The Impact Of Twitter India Layoffs?

Impact Of Twitter India Layoffs

With a majority of the 250-member team being laid off, Twitter India’s strength has considerably impacted all verticals in the country. India constitutes the third-largest market for Twitter with 23.6 million users and it is increasing.

According to internal information, Twitter India has laid off at least 50-60% of its employees. And its impact can be seen in marketing, communication, partnerships, and all other verticals.

The majority of employees retained by Twitter India belong to sales operations. There is no communication regarding severance pay, if any, to be given to the employees laid off on Friday.

Twitter India closed its offices and denied the employees access to the internal systems. There were asked to wait for information about whether they are laid off. There was chaos in the office as everyone wanted to know about the laid-off.

Why Is Elon Musk Downsizing Twitter India Team?

Soon after the takeover, Musk made it clear that he wanted to cut around 3700 Twitter staff to slash costs and impose a demanding work ethic. A source in Twitter India said that they were aware of the laid off but the exact number of employees to be relieved wasn’t known to them.


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