Google doodle of Amrish Puri: Wish happy birthday to the most talented actor of Indian cinema

Amrish Puri was a legendary actor in Bollywood who known for his outstanding performances as negative role especially ‘Mogambo’. The way he said the dialogue ‘Mogambo Khush Hua’ is still live in the hearts of his fans.

He was born on 22 June 1932 in Lahore, Pakistan and said goodbye to the audience on January 12, 2005.

Amrish Puri came to Mumbai to become an actor, but the audience accepted him in a negative role. He pleased his audience in every movie. He worked around 400 movies. He did several roles in movies, but there were few roles that still alive in the audience with his dialogues such as ‘Jaa Simran Jaa jee Leh Apni Zindagi’ and few more.

All his famous roles still aware in the audience and nobody can beat him till the date. He is no more with us, but he is alive in his fans with his dialogues delivery and his super hit movies such as Mr. India, Nagina, Karan-Arjuna, Iron, Coal, Nayaka and more delight to watch till the date.

This legendary actor is unbeatable. His brilliant acting and roles were so powerful that people love him and miss on the screen.

On his 86th birthday, Google wishes a happy Birthday to Amrish Puri via Doodle.


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