Google Doodle Shows Hans Christian Gram Discovering Gram Stain On His 166th Birth Anniversary

Google celebrates the 166th Birth Anniversary of Hans Christian Gram, Danish bacteriologist, noted for developing Gram stain. The stain technique developed by Gram is used to differentiate bacterial species even after more than a century.

Hans Christian Gram

Born on September 13, 1853, discovered stain technique while working with German microbiologist Karl Friedlander in Berlin in 1884. He noted that staining bacteria makes it easy to classify bacterial species. He classified bacteria in Gram-positive and Gram-negative.

Gram’s career

A noted scholar, Gram earned his MD from the University of Copenhagen in 1878 and. He started teaching pharmacology and in 1891 and was appointed professor at the University of Copenhagen. But he resigned from the chair in pharmacology in 1900 to become a professor of medicine.

Google’s Doodle on Gram

Created by Danish guest artist Mikkel Sommer, the Doodle spells each letter of Google to represent Gram carrying out his experiment.

The letter “G” is Gram staining bacteria; letters “OO” are made round glasses on the face of Gram; letter “G” becomes a microscope classifying the bacteria and letters “LE” represent bacteria classified by Gram.

The Doodle looks like Gram carrying out experiment on bacteria. It shows the Gram stain technique developed by the scientist.


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