Why Article 35 A is a delicate Issue in Kashmir

According to the Indian constitution, Article 35 A is a legal right of Jammu & Kashmir that allows deciding permanent residents in the state. This includes special rights for government jobs, buying real estate, scholarships, and many more.

This article becomes the delicate issue because PM Modi has decided to make a big move and change the rules grated in this Article to the Jammu & Kashmir. Article 35A and Article 370 are the two provisions in emphasis.

Well, the opposition parties of BJP has been considering this as an election strategy. Article 35A is special legal right offers to Jammu & Kashmir on article 370.

This article allows the legal right to everyone who lives in the state or marries within the state. If any man or woman marry outside the state, the rights of his/her lose. In 2002. The high court held that if a woman marries out the state she will not lose her rights.

Who proposed article 35A?

The Article 35A was proposed by President Rajendra Prasad on the advice of Jawaharlal Nehru in 1954.

Why BJP stand on Article 35A?

The BJP government feels it is a major drawback or obstacle of Jammu & Kashmir state in less development. Our aim is only to prove peace in this state. We have made all obligatory efforts to maintain peace in the state with deceiving actions and policies. We also provide entire financial help to the state and its regions.

What opposition says?

The opposition and J& K parties take this as election manifesto. They say this article protects the jobs and legal rights of their citizens. For more information please visit our latest trending News

Source: https://bit.ly/2T6pIE8

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