International Champions Cup Football: Bayern Munich VS Real Madrid

Bayern Wallops Real 3-1 in the international championship match. The match was highly thrilled for full time. For you, we have shared every minute report to know what exactly Bayern did.

The game has it all fantastic players, goals, plays, and moves. Bayern adores competitive match against real.

Here are the minutes:

92 min: Singh twists and shoots the pass receives from Goretzka in Madrid’s penalty area.

90 min: the match was stopped for 3 minutes

85 min: Rodryo takes the faultless free-kick and fired the ball to the right corner past to Hoffmann’s area.

80 min: The referee shows a red card to Sven, Hoffmann is apt up and ready to take a shot, and take a free-kick.

75 min: Singh is ready to take big move against Parvard, but he has not defeated him. Lewandowski makes 4-0 after brings downs another long ball in Madrid’s area. He is not come up with a good shot.

73 min: Gnabry cannot beat Navas.

69 min: Singh comes for Tolisso, Zaiser discharges Alaba.

67 min: Gnabry shoots up a shot from outright.

66 min: Lewandowski shot a long ball from Sule and make 2-0

63 min: Ulreich cannot make an except

55 min: Kimmich playing in Midfield and Pavard at RB. Madrid changes their entire team in the second half, on comes of Jovic.

38 min: Arp makes hit

33 min: Benzema and co. sensations misfortune finishing

29 min: Thiago makes a good shot, the chances are on both side.

20 min: the match is amazing. Both have temp and passion for UCL game.

14 min: Tolisso scores and make 1-0

10 min: Bayern is good in 5 minutes


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