Kate Winslet’s Interaction With An Indian Fan

In 1997, the Titanic moviebroke all records and it is still considered the most iconic movie ever made. But there is more to the movie than simply breaking records. It left the viewers moist-eyed at that time but people can still recognize Titanic characters.

Leading female protagonist Kate Winslet shared her experience

Kate Winslet essayed the role of Rose DeWitt Bukater and displayed amazing chemistry with Leonardo Di Caprio in the film, shared an interesting experience related to the movie. The incident showed how much people love that character.

Kate said that she visited India post the picture. There she met an octogenarian who recognized her face and asked if she was from Titanic. And Kate was noting but all surprises. She wasn’t expecting such an interesting encounter.

The incident

Kate was trekking on the foothills of Himalayas with a backpack and a guide when a man in his 90s walked to Kate with the help of his stick and asked while taking a closeup of her face whether she was from Titanic. He was blind with one eye. The incident surprised Kate so much that she burst into tears. The man was blind with one eye but he was still able to recognize Kate.

Remembering Titanic

Kate Winslet made this revelation during an interview to a leading daily. She became nostalgic while remembering the incident. Kate Winslet played a lead character in the movie. After the movie was released, she went to India on a holiday.

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