Lada Gaga Adds Star Power To Friends: The Reunion

Friends: The Reunion on HBO Max features Lady Gaga where the pop star is seen joining Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay) in completing the rendition of Smelly Cat. But the ditty has been updated for the reunion episode and a whole new generation of audience.

A reunion on Smelly Cat….

Phoebe Buffay sang Smelly Cat in the episode “The One With the Baby on the Bus” released almost 26 years back. In reunion, Lisa Kudrow recreates the scene. She sits down with a guitar and starts playing the most popular song of Friends. It was exactly when the pop star Lady Gaga enters the scene.

Lisa Kudrow becomes Phoebe….

She knew that she had to get into the shoes of Phoebe to sing Smelly Cat in the voice of the character. In Friends, it was Phoebe Buffay that sang the song for her friends. And in reunion, Lisa Kudrow was asked to recreate the scene.

Lisa Kudrow becomes Phoebe Buffay to sing the song when she was joined by the pop star. Lady Gaga joins Kudrow with her guitar and gives the song an update the audience were expecting from the pop star. Soon they were joined by others and the song was completed on a happy note.

Chemistry of Lisa Kudrow and Lady Gaga….


Kudrow took a short break midway into the song to convey her feelings to Lady Gaga. She told the pop star that joining her in the song wasn’t bad. And Lady Gaga nodded in affirmation while touching the nose of Kudrow with her finger.

Lisa Kudrow mumbled that she thought that it was better when it was just her. Gaga agreed to Kudrow to which Lisa Kudrow laughingly said that Gaga heard that. Lada Gaga also thanked Kudrow for playing the memorable character of Phoebe Buffay for all the fans and audience.


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