Massive Sparks Coming Off From An IndiGo Plane At Delhi Airport

A major fire accident with a Bengaluru-borne IndiGo flight was averted at the Delhi airport after it accidentally caught fire and grounded moments before taking off. All the passengers are safe and they are shifted to another flight.


• An IndiGo aircraft caught fire at the Delhi airport but was grounded safely
• The video of the incident was posted on Twitter by one of the passengers
• The video shows the plane catching fire within moments

What Was The Incident?

An IndiGo aircraft carrying 184 passengers to Bengaluru was grounded at the Delhi airport after one of its engines caught fire moments before taking off. It happened around 9:45 pm but the passengers weren’t immediately evacuated from the aircraft. They are made comfortable and brought down the plane after 11 pm. No casualties were reported by the flight operator.

Massive Sparks Coming Off From A

Who Captured The Incident?

One Priyanka Kumar who was onboard the flight captured the entire incident and uploaded the video on Twitter. In the video, massive sparks could be seen coming off the wings. But before things could get worse, the plane was grounded to safety. Later the pilots informed the passengers about the malfunction with the engine.

The plane was carried to the parking area where the passengers were made comfortable. They were given water to drink. Since there were many elderly passengers and kids, the pilots allowed them time to be comfortable before exiting the plane.

What Did IndiGo Say About The Incident?

Later IndiGo released a press note about the incident. The flight operator said that flight 6E2131 from Delhi to Bangalore experienced an engine stall during the take-off roll. The take-off was aborted, and the aircraft safely returned to the bay. All passengers were accommodated to an alternate aircraft.


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