Monsoon Hits Nepal Hard Claiming 17 Lives

The fresh spell of monsoon rains created flood like situation in Nepal with the capital Kathmandu being the hardest hit in the last three days. Heavy raining resulted in landslides that claimed 17 lives.

Damage Assessment

Seven people are reported missing while scores of other stranded persons have been rescued to safer places. A senior home ministry official Umkanta Adhikari told reporters that at the heavy ranis had damaged at least 10 highways. But emergency team had cleared some highways while work on others was going on, maintained the official.

Weather Forecast

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has issued a stern warning of continuous rain and strong winds over the weekend. Several rivers in south-eastern Nepal had already reached dangerous level and continuous raining could further escalate the problem.

Safety Measures

The weather division is sending SMS alerts to those residing in the affected areas. Every year monsoon rains disaster in Nepal. Flooding followed by landslides claims hundreds of lives.


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