Nadigar Sangam Election in Tamil Naidu Ends with 51% voters

The Elections of South India Film industry artist’s end up with 51% turnout and high drama. These elections are popularly known as Nadigar Sangam.

The recorded votes were 1,604 polled in closing time. These elections were held at St EBa’s girl’s school in Mylapore from 7 am to 5 pm. Heavy police protection was ordered by the high court of Madras for entire voting time.

As per polled, total 1,604 votes are recorded from 3,171 votes. As you see, large numbers of people didn’t take an interest in voting.

The several reasons came out there from the actors and other team members for not present in the polling booth.

Kamal Hassan said in Rajnikanth’s defense, postal votes are critical some got missed out due to postal delays.

Naseer said we cannot accept disapproval of courts and its actions. The election was held successfully and 85% members voted.

Whereas, Pandavar Ani Secretary Ishari Ganesh said, 350 members could not vote due to short notice at which the election was held. Numerous members have not received the postal Ballots.

After seeking results, this sounds the construction of Nadigar Sangam building remains unfulfilled.


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