Oh My Dog Movie Review

Based On The Emotional Bonding Between A Kid And Blind Pup, The Movie Is Bogged Down By Careless Writing

Oh My Dog has been released and the first reviews are out but there is little excitement among the audiences. The film is predictable right from the beginning and some characters are forced into the story from nowhere just to keep it moving. The only thing that makes the movie watchable is three generations of actors working together.


Fernanado (Vinay Rai) is a rich dog owner who breeds the best canines for winning international dog shows, and luckily, he is just one win away from creating a world record of consistently winning dog shows. Sadly, one of his pups is born blind and he decides to eliminate that pup. But the canine somehow escapes from his clutches.

Here enters little Arjun (Arnav Vijay) in the movie. The kid finds the blind pup and brings the dog home. He raises the blind dog despite family objections and friends making fun of the canine. The compassionate child calls the dog, Simba. Arjun’s father Shankar (Arun Vijay) wants to help his child despite differences with his father Vijaykumar.

Arjun takes Simba to a dog show where the audiences appeal to the organizers to allow a blind pup to participate. Also, a doctor comes from nowhere and performs an expensive surgery on Simba. These things happen so fast that the audiences get little time to imbibe the facts.

Highlights Of The Movie:

• Three generations of actors Vijaykumar, Arun Vijay, and Arnav Vijay are working on a movie
• Arnav Vijay delivered a great performance, especially his bonding with a blind pup
• Vijaykumar as a grandparent did a commendable job
• Mahima Nambiar as a caring mother is a delight to watch
• It is a good movie about parenting and loving pets

Downside Of The Movie:

The story is highly predictable from the first frame
A ridiculous portrayal of the villain who happens to be a rich dog breeder and winner of many accolades
Unexpectable surprises like a doctor appearing from nowhere and dog show organizers sympathizing with a blind pup
Arnav Vijay is blessed with the power of winning hearts with his tearful eyes
The movie has a clumsy end with the villain saying “what is this nonsense”

Oh My Dog First Look & Poster

Oh My Dog

The poster features Arnav Vijay riding a cycle and his father Arun Vijay running with him, and the blind pup Simba running with the cycle. Simba is wearing goggles to hide its eyes.

Why Watch The Movie?

It is a treat for dog lovers. Also, it gives lessons on parenting. Arnav Vijay’s praiseworthy performance is also a reason to watch the movie.


No trivia available for the movie

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