Paatal Lok Is More Than Prime’s Sacred Games

Paatal Lok, the neo-coir crime drama on Amazon Prime, reflects the true picture of servile politicians, tricky cops, ruthless contract killers and an opportunistic primetime news presenter.


The story of this crime drama shifts from the power centres of New Delhi to the towns and villages surrounding the National Capital Region. And everyone in the story seems worried about the state of affairs. On the one, news persons are worried about meeting the fate of Gauri Lankesh and on the other, those in the power circles are more cautious about the local police and the investigative agencies.

Highlights of the drama

• The social and political context in the drama is fully integrated into the narrative

• The tale is immersive and it correctly goes on portraying the picture of the world

• The back stories are well knitted to the drama so that they don’t slow down its speed

• Jaideep Ahlawat looks phenomenally good and has rightly got the largest share of the heft

• Swastika Mukherjee looks absolutely terrific in the role of emotionally vulnerable and anxiety-ridden woman

• The drama has the detailing expected for this kind of web series

• It is rightly called its own best

Why watch Patal Lok?

Jaideep Ahlawat is a good reason to see Patal Lok. He carries the weight of making it a success and he has really done a superb job. Also, the story is intriguing. It starts from the ground and moves to the power circles in New Delhi. Also, it involves every member of society.


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