PM Modi Taught The Most Difficult Lesson To 14 Lakh Students

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an example of singer Lata Mangeshkar to inspire students to take to difficult questions and subjects during his “Pariksha pe charcha” session.

What is “Pariksha pe charcha”?

It is an annual event where PM Modi interacts with school children from across the country. This year, the event was hosted in the virtual world due to pandemic-related restrictions. But over 14 lakh students and teachers registered to participate in the event.

What did PM Modi say about difficult questions?

Modi said that was habitual of dealing with difficult questions first since he was Chief Minister of Gujarat. Every morning, the officials would update Modi about the most difficult situations, the PM said. Once the difficult situations were handled, he sits down to relax and solve the easier problems, maintained PM Modi.

He advised students not to avoid difficult subjects as things that look difficult become easier over time. He gave a few examples to substantiate his claim. He said that cycling and swimming looked difficult at the beginning but becomes easier after some time. He asked them to note down the difficult questions and said that they would never find those questions tough after that.

What did PM Modi say about Lata Mangeshkar?

PM Modi refers to the singer Lata Mangeshkar to prove that perfection is always elusive. He said that the legendary singer might not be good at Geography but in singing, she is matchless. The point he wanted to make was that not everyone couldn’t be good at every subject.


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