Priyanka Gandhi Accuses UP Police Of Manhandling Her

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said that she was manhandled by UP police personnel while she was on her way to meet retire IPS officer SR Darapuri. She took a scooter ride and then walked on foot to reach the residence of the retired IPS officer.

Priyanka Gandhi accused UP Police of manhandling

She was on her way to meet a retired IPS officer who was earlier arrested for opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act. But a police party stopper her cavalcade midway. According to Priyanka Gandhi, one of the policewomen held her by her neck while another pushed her to ground. She was then pulled up by her neck. And this incident happened before the party workers.

After her cavalcade was stopped from proceeding, Priyanka Gandhi decided to complete the rest of the journey on a scooter driven by a party worker. But she was stopped again. Finally, she decided to go on foot to meet the retired IPS officer who was also a cancer patient.

Police denying charges

Archana Singh was the policewoman in question. She said that she was doing her duty and that the charges levelled against her were untrue. She further said that the Priyanka Gandhi’s cavalcade had to stop because it was diverted from the planned route.

UP government cracks down on rioters

MrDarapuri was taken into custody from his Lucknow home. He was among the 1,113 people arrested different places for rioting. Also, the police have identified 498 people who would be asked to pay for damages to public property.


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