PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 Updates: Highlights And Advantages

PUBG Mobile has added new Domination game mode, Arena map, a vehicle and Royale Pass Season 11 among others in the latest 0.16.5 update. The new updated is available on Google Play and App Store for downloading.

New PUBG update

The update requires only 0.14 GB space on Android and 0.17 GB on iOS. The new updated Royale pass Season 11 Operation Tomorrow will have no downtime.

With the new update, the players will enter the new Arena map taking advantage of the new Domination mode and try capturing the bases with a 4×4 battle. They will be assigned either the blue or red team. They require obtaining new bases. A random base would be activated at the start of the game and the second base would be activated with either team capturing the first base. Either team that captures 2 out of 3 bases is declared a winner. Additionally, the players can take advantage of Super Weapon that blow out enemies and enjoy exciting backstreet firefights.

Firearm training with the new update

Paying heed to requests from players, PUBG Mobile has agreed to provide firearms training. The Warehouse map would be used for the Arena Training map. It has been restored and converted into a training area where can choose any weapon and take training on that weapon.

Highlights of the new update

• New gameplay mode with new maps

• All-new Operations Tomorrow with new missions and rewards

• High-quality futuristic outfits

• Light Snowmobile

• Firearm Balancing

• Season Recap

• Royale Pass improvements

• Advanced security features


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