Real Madrid lose the game last week by 2-1 at Real Betis

The famous Football player, Real Madrid lose the game last week at Real Betis due to grip loose. Hence, they capitulated the first spot in La Liga to Barcelona.

Whereas the former Barca pushed onward Cristian Tello and snatched the goal, later on, he saw his old team has received the goal and regain their position in the race.

Now Real Madrid is second with 56 points after the 27 matches. Just after the Barca, two-beat with 1-0 on Saturday to restore their spot after a week 2-0 at Bernabeu.

After the 40 minutes of confusion, Betis has gone back to the game. This occurred, he was alleged with a penalty when Sergio bumped into Nabir, but the ball was landed on the feet of defender who scoured it into the roof over the net.

Hence after, Brazilian team happiness extremely gets worsen when they were punished for dainty Marcelo. The area and the place of Karim converted, his seven goals so far in the first matches.

In the half time, the Captain of Betis missed the open goal and the Madrid made a shot against the bar. Unfortunately, Tello made a serious change in the game and played knock-off for 82 minutes.

The match was quite interesting and the results were unsure till the last minutes, But Madrid lost his game.

Words of Real

The game was completely fair, we did not perform well. We are a shame on ourselves that we have not made our place at the top of the table. We loved to beat Barca, but it’s time to buckle up and we are not going to spend a week with tears.

We will work hard and get back with high sprit. “we want to become champions” and we will do it soon.


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