Satellite Shankar: An Extended Vacation Of A Soldier Becomes A Blessing For Many

Satellite Shankar is a deviation from the trend. Patriotic theme of the movie makes it different but it isn’t a regular war movie or someone centered on spying. It is the life of Indian soldiers. It tells about their adventures and how circumstances affect their emotions about their family, society and the country.


Shankar (Sooraj Pancholi) is a soldier in Indian army. He gets injured in cross-border firing and sent to base hospital for treatment. But he decides to go to his home to help his mother go through the long pending eye operation. According to him, it was the best way to utilize his time. But little does he know that he will have to encounter many problems during his journey to home and then back to the battalion. Army personnel are always short on time hence Shankar has to hurry to save time for his family and the country.

Highlights of the movie

• Shankar is called Satellite Shankar because of his power to teleport people wherever they want to go with a gadget

• He’s always available to help his fellow soldiers and countrymen

• His helpful and selfless nature keeps him engaged with others all the time but he enjoys helping others

• The movie has a feel-good character and it will keep the audience smiling all the time

Satellite Shankar First Look & Poster

The poster has Sooraj Pancholi as a soldier. He’s his backpack with his satellite gadget that he uses to teleport people visible in the bag. The gadget has picture of the Lord Shiva. In the background, there is a train, Taj Mahal and two people.

Why watch the movie?

The quirky name of the movie and the story of Satellite Shankar would certainly attract kids and adventure lovers.


• Second movie of Sooraj Pancholi after his debut in Hero (2015)

• Second directorial venture of Irfan Kamal after Thanks Maa (2009)

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