Significance Of 8 Day Celebration In Valentine Week

February is the love month because there are eight days for love and these days make Valentine week. The celebrations start on 7th with Rose Day and keep going until the Valentine’s Day that falls on 14th February. Every day of this love week is special for lovebirds.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm across the globe but few people know about the eight-day celebration starting with Rose Day and concluding with expressing your love on Valentine’s Day.

February 7 – Rose Day

It is the start of the Valentine Week and on this day, lovers exchange beautiful roses of various to express their love.

February 8 – Propose Day

Most romantic day of the Valentine Week, Propose Day is the right time to express your feelings before your love. It is time to confess that you are in love.

February 9 – Chocolate Day

Since you’ve expressed your love, it is time to offer sweets to your lover and what could be a better option than a chocolate to bring a sweet smile on the face of your lover.

February 10 – Teddy Day

Teddy Day comes in the middle of the week hence time to spice up your love by buying a gift for your partner. While you can choose any gift, but a teddy looks the right option as all women love teddies.

February 11 – Promise Day

Your teddy will be a nice gift for your love but she expects more especially on the Promise Day. You are already committed to a long-term relationship but you should give a promise on this day.

February 12 – Hug Day

It is the day when you can give a warm hug to your love. And this one tender touch will embrace her from her heart and soul. She’ll also reciprocate with the same feeling.

February 13 – Kiss Day

A day before the Valentine’s Day is the Kiss Day when you can take the liberty to kiss your love. It is the day when she won’t oppose your move but allow you to go ahead and touch her face with your lips.

February 14 – Valentine’s Day

Dedicated to Saint Valentine, a 3rd-century Roman saint, the Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the day of love, commitment and dedication. It is the day when you can tell the world that you’ve found your mate and that you are happy with your love. But you have the entire Valentine Week to express your love and feeling towards your partner.


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