Sobhita Dhulipala Replied To The Accusation Of Faking a Self-Timed Photoshoot

Model-turned-actress Sobhita Dhulipalacame in the centre of a controversy when she faked a “self-timed” magazine cover. She released a statement on Friday in which she said that she stood by the flow of events with complete transparency.

Sobhita Dhulipala’s statement

Cosmopolitan magazine had a behind-the-scene picture of her. The picture has the actress getting clicked by a man on her terrace. Earlier, the actress shared her photographs claiming that she clicked those pictures herself. About the viral phone, she said that the man in the image was a stranger and that she allowed him to click her pictures.

Excerpt from the statement

She said that some people wrote to her about that image she posted. And that it was upsetting to her that how people jumped to unkind conclusions. But she took that as a moment to learn something deeper. She further said that she shared that image with complete transparency. Later, she explained the chronology of the events.

Chorology of the Sobhita’s viral photo

Sobhita Dhulipala styled herself and went to the terrace with a coffee mug and a couple of tools to prop up her phone to take pictures. There were a couple of people on the terrace and a gentleman from those kind people offered help on seeing that Sobhita was trying to take pictures. And the gentleman offered help that Sobhita accepted.

The actress signed off the statement saying “Stay home, stay safe”. Also, she dismissed the statement saying that neither was the picture shot by that man and nor she said that she was proud of the wonderful collaboration with that magazine.


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