SpiceJet Passengers Had A Close Encounter With Mid-Air Turbulence On May 1

A SpiceJet flight operating from Mumbai to Durgapur in West Bengal encountered severe turbulence while landing at Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport in West Bengal’s Durgapur on Sunday. The turbulence started due to a storm that locals call Kalbaishakhi. It left 14 passengers and three cabin crew members injured.


SpiceJet flight landed safely after encountering severe turbulence Passengers were injured due to luggage falling over them and colliding with the aircraft roof and windows Video of the incident shows the aircraft floor littered with belongings of the passengers. The injured were rushed to the hospital for treatment

How The Turbulence Started?

Turbulence Started

Everything was right with SpiceJet Boeing B737 aircraft operating flight SG-945 from Mumbai to Durgapur until it reached the Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport in West Bengal. Suddenly a powerful storm engulfed the aircraft and it started hobbling. Passengers had their belts tied but those were broken by the turbulence.

The luggage kept overhead started falling over the passengers and hit many of them on their heads. The cabin crew tried their best to keep the aircraft stable and land safely but they couldn’t. The best thing they could do is to land with minimum injuries to the passengers and the aircraft.

What Did The Visuals Of The Incident Show?

SpiceJet turbulence

The first visuals emerged after the aircraft hobbled for the first time. The turbulence was so severe that it let the overhead luggage drop down. In a visual, an air hostess was seen calming down the passengers.

A passenger described the incident as their masks came off during the mid-air turbulence and falling cabin baggage injured many of them, some on their heads.

Another passenger said that there were three jerks at the descent and those were more intense than one could feel in a car.

The cabin crew was also injured in the turbulence and all injured persons were taken to the hospital by airline staff. Later SpiceJet expressed regret over the incident with a press release.

DGCA Ordered Probe

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has ordered a regulatory investigation into the incident and teams sent for the probe. The DGCA noted that several passengers were hit on their heads while one sustained spinal injuries. The injured are being treated in the hospital.

Source:- https://bit.ly/3OPUPjR

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