Summer Diabetes Management With Papaya

Papaya is a juicy fruit with 88% water, 11% carbohydrates and a very small amount of fat and protein. And it is available in abundance in summer. A 100-gram amount of papaya fruit contains 43 kilocalories that makes it a major source for vitamin C.

The nutrition content of papaya makes it suitable for people of all ages and all conditions but it is especially beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. The cases of diabetes are on an ascending path and it is believed that India alone would have 98 million diabetic cases by 2030.

Diabetes is more a lifestyle problem than a medical. Diabetics are prescribed medicines but little do they know that they can control diabetes with fruit therapy.

If you’re a diabetic, you should start your fruit therapy from this summer. Papaya is the fruit you can take to take care of your health.

Here’s how papaya can help in keeping you safe from diabetes

1. Antioxidant properties

Replete with natural antioxidants, papaya can undo the heart and nerve damage caused by diabetes in the long run. It would obstruct the free radical activity and increase the life span by protecting future cell damage.

2. Fibre rich diet

Enriched with dietary fibres, papaya consumption is good for digestion. It aids heart by keeping it free from bad cholesterol. Also, it controls blood sugar fluctuations with slow release formula.

3. Low calorie

A low-calorie fruit, papaya keeps body free from weight gain, a concern for diabetics.

The best way to consume papaya is to have the fruit between meals. For more flavor, you can mix it with nuts like almonds. But you should avoid mixing papaya with your main meals because this fruit has high sugar content. It works well when consumed in moderation.

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