Sushmita Sen Got Her Winning Gown Stitched From A Local Tailor

Sushmita Sen’s winning gown was stitched by a local tailor in Sarojini Nagar, Delhi. The former Miss Indian 1994 made this stunning revelation during a conversation with late actor Farooq Shaikh in a talk show Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai.

Old video of Sushmita Sen

The video of the talk show is trending on social media after 26 years the actress won the title. She was talking to Farooq Shaikh and she minced no words in speaking up to her mind. She said that her Miss India winning gown was made by a local tailor who used to work from a makeshift shop in a garage.

She said that she needed four different designer outfits for the contest but she couldn’t because of her middleclass family background. She said that her family didn’t had the money needed to buy designer dresses. But her mother encouraged her by saying that the audiences wanted to see Sushmita Sen and not the dress. Her mother even helped her in designing her dresses.

Winning gown of Sushmita Sen

The fabric for the gown was bought from Sarojini Nagar market known for its affordability. The mother-daughter duo approached a local tailor who used to stitch petticoats for gown and the tailor did a great job. The gloves she wore with gown were made of black socks bought from the same market. She said that people didn’t money to fulfill their wishes.

Sushmita Sen went on to create history by winning the Miss Universe title in 1994. And it was the first time that India got this title.


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