Taanakkaran Movie Review

Vikram Prabhu Starrer Gives A Glimpse Of The Hardships Of Police Training In Modern India

Written and directed by Tamizh, Taanakkaran movie revolves around a British-era Police Recruits School (PRS) that still follows the colonial rules set by the British to train Indian police officers. The movie questions the reason for continuing the tradition started by the British in India even after many years of independence. It is a nerve breaking story of police training in India.


Arivazhagan aka Arivu (Vikram Prabhu) is a trainee police officer at PRS where police officers of independent India are trained on the lines of the British model. The recruits are expected to unquestioned obedience to their superiors and the system. The PRS is controlled by Inspector Muthupandi (Madhusudhan Rao) who with his valet Eeshwaramurthy (Lal) tortures the recruits in the name of parade training. Arivu raises his voice against the injustice done to the new entrants. He stands firm on exposing the system even after all hell breaks loose.

Taanakkaran Movie Review

Highlights Of The Movie:

• The functioning of PRS is picturized in the most realistic and convincing manner
• The emotions of the officers trained in the hell-like atmosphere are narrated most effectively
• All brilliant colors are muted to create earthy pictures to give a real-like feel to the school
• Reportedly based on the real-life incidents of 1997
• A hard-hitting drama depicting the unforgiving police system of British-era

Downside Of The Movie:

• The story is made melodramatic
• Overuse of reaction shots and repeated reiterations to show the cruelty of senior cops
• Some torture scenes are over-exaggerated without giving any justified reason
• Officer Eeshwaramurthy seems to have a taste for torture
• Romantic songs look unrealistic in the movie

Taanakkaran First Look & Poster

Taanakkaran First Look & Poster

The poster features a distant shot of the recruits at the Police Recruits School. All the recruits are standing in a half-circle with Inspector Muthupandi standing in the middle. In the above, recruit Arivazhagan aka Arivu is seen facing officer Eeshwaramurthy. Earthily colors are used to show the barrenness of the PRS.

Why Watch The Movie?

The real-life story is the biggest reason to watch the movie. Also, cinematography that provides a real-life experience of the PRS will also attract viewers. People will also like the fast pace of the movie. It is a Tamil movie released on Disney+ Hotstar on 8 April 2022.


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