CONMEBOL Made Brazil Host Of 2021 Copa America But Brazil Says It Isn’t Official Yet

Brazil came to the rescue of CONMEBOL when the federation was unable to choose a suitable location for the 2021 Copa America competition. The event was originally scheduled to be hosted by Columbia and Argentina but both nations withdrew their names from hosts of the competition.

Threat to 2021 Copa America….

With South America battling pandemic and Columbia suffering from civil war, CONMEBOL feared that the competition could require rescheduling as it had already pushed back once. And the federation was right in its assumption as both the countries were unable to host the event. It is when Brazil offered to host the competition and CONMEBOL took little time in approving Brazil to host the event.

Brazil was the host of the 2019 tournament and it steeped in again at the hour of need. But there is stiff opposition from within the country as it also struggling to contain the spread and severity of the pandemic.

How did Brazilians respond to the offer?

It didn’t go down well with many of the public figures of the country and they didn’t mince words in criticizing the decision of hosting 2021 Copa America amid the pandemic situation. But the bigger problem is residents protesting against President Jair Bolsonaro. They are unhappy with the ways the President is … Read the rest