Sikhs Are Bound To Support Anti-CAA Agitation Said Jathedar Of Akal Takht

The top Sikh Body, Akal Takht, extended its support for anti-CAA protests across the country. It said that the Sikh Body was with the Muslims protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act for weeks.

Akal Takht extends its support for Muslims

Delhi Minority Commission chief Zafarul Islam Khan led a delegation of Muslims to meet the chief priest of Akal Takht in Amritsar whereGiani Harpreet Singh, the chief priest, assured Muslims of support from the Sikh community. The chief of Akat Takht is also called “jathedar”.

He said that Sikhs were bound by their principles to support the oppressed. They had received a similar request from another group of the Muslim community. There was a sentiment of fear and insecurity among the minorities and Sikhs are bound to stand for victims.

The chief priest also asked the Muslims to approach Hindu leaders to seek support against the controversial Citizenship law. He said that he had appreciated their efforts and suggested them to seek support from Hindus as well. He added that he believed that all would come to a common stage to discuss communal harmony and peace in the country.

Zafarul Islam Khan on support from Akal Takht

Mr. Khan said that he got hope from the Sikh community. He further said that he had come to Amritsar to gain support against the attempt of making India a nation based on just a religion. He said that they had been told by Akal Takht that Sikhs always stood against oppression.


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