Use Gaukastha For Ecofriendly Holika Dahan


This Holi on Rangotsav at most places gaukastha will be used for Holika Dahan. Raipur Municipal Corporation operated Bhatagaon Gowthan will provide wood dung and condens made of cow dung for burning.

Holika dahan with gowkastha

Thousands of Holikas at residences of several ministers and in all the zones of the municipal corporation will use gowkastha for dahan. According to Ritesh Agarwal, director of “Ek Pahal”, a social organization that is running Bhatagaon Gaukastha, the wood made of cow dung is environment friendly. People can contact the organization on 84618-83203 for gowkastha. Ritesh urged people not to cut green trees for Holika dahan and use gaukastha instead.

Advantages of gowkastha

Made of cow dung, the gaukastha burns faster than the wood and the remaining ash can be scattered on the ground. The ash made of gaukastha increases fertility hence no harm in mixing it with the soil. Also, it works as a natural pesticide. It is dual advantage of using gaukastha.

Ritesh Agarwal appealed to all residents of Raipur to use gaukastha for Holika dahan. It is eco-friendly and good for soil. Also, it is easily available for use. Interested people can contact the organization for gaukastha and get the required amount gaukastha for Holika dahan.

Ritesh Agarwal also appealed to not disrupt the traffic for Holika dahan and nor damage the concrete roads. Burning Holika in the midst of road will block free flow of traffic. Also, it will do irreparable damage to the concrete road.

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