Bad Boys: Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Are Back With Their Comic Action Sequel


Bad Boys for Life is a buddy action-comedy. It is the third of the Bad Boys trilogy and a sequel to the 2003 movie Bad Boys. The movie starts in a flashback when detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnet were in the police department. Their past haunts their present life.


Mike Lowrey is a hard-changing super cop in the Miami police department but his long-time partner, Marcus Bennet starts thinking for early retirement due to his family responsibilities. But their past comes to haunt their present life. A Mexican cartel leader, now escaped from prison, dispatches her son who’s brutal and vengeance-minded to execute her plans. There is a reason for Marcus Bennet to rejoin the police force to eliminate the threat. What ensues is lots of car chases in narrow streets and action between the two warring factions. Would the super cop be able to eliminate the threat?

Highlights of the movie

• Filmography of the movie is said to be of the highest level

• Mike and Marcus decently align themselves with a team of young cops

• As a family man, Marcus looks very protective and impressive

• Will Smith promised that this movie would prove to better than the others

• The movie is said to funnier and more focused on the theme of friendship

Bad Boys for Life First Look & Poster

The poster has Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the attire of policemen. They look aging especially Martin Lawrence but still, they have some juice remaining to eliminate the threat. The front is covered with the movie name and the city is seen in the backdrop.

Why watch the movie?

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