Shocking! Air India Suspends Regional Director for Alleged Shoplift at Sydney Airport


On June 22, the regional Director Captain Rohit Bhasin suspended by Air India for alleged shoplifting a wallet in the duty-free area of Sydney.

This decision has made out by the regional manager Australasia, a senior commander. Captain Rohit Bhasin was fly AI301 from Sydney to Delhi. He committed little after, he allegedly did shoplifting.

The suspension order has been passed by Air India’s Director Personnel, Amrita Sharan. She said. ‘Without prejudice against him and undecided enquiry, Capt. Bhasin is being placed under suspension’.

The senior pilot was told to hand over all his company documents and he was not supposed to leave the station of Kolkata without persimmon of Air India.

The Air India spokesman said stressing on zero tolerance policy, Air India emphasis stress on the proper conduct of its staff members towards the act of impropriety.

Captain Bhasin comes as a family member of Air India pilots. His son and wife also fly for air in India.

Later on, he is suspended due to neglecting rules.

Air India strict to its guidelines for their team as per safety of their passengers and safe fly for pilots too.

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