The Karnataka alliance crisis took variation: Dr. Shivakumar camps outside Mumbai hotel

The Congress leader Dr. Shivakumar was clogged from entering in a five-star hotel in Mumbai whereas rebel lawmakers are residing. The Mumbai police said, we cannot allow you to enter in the hotel, because the lawmakers terrified from you.

There was a big drama. Shivakumar said I won’t go. I would stay here all day and shouted on the police and said go back!

He said protester, allow me to go in the bedroom (He booked a room in the Renaissance hotel) my friends are waiting for me. I want relaxation. My friends will hurt, I won’t go without meeting with my friends.

Huge Drama was fashioned

He also shared a booking report on his phone to media. While eating momos and drinking coffee outside the hotel, the congress leader took BJP on point and said they rule over Mumbai and their hands in undermining the congress government in Karnataka.

On Saturday, he submitted his resignation letter, in a matter of carrying on the government in danger.

Ramesh Kumar (speaker) inspected the resignation letter and said no. whether BJP is ready to do strike, but this gives relief to the coalition.

The rebel Karnataka wrote a letter to police to give protection to Chief Minister, HD Kumaraswamy and Mr. Shivakumar.

B Basavaraj, the congress lawmaker said, we don’t want to insult him in front of media but there is a reason we have taken this step. Love and friendship are on the other side, but we have to pay attention to what we are doing.


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