This Site Has 4,800 Incidents Of People Reporting Issues With MS Teams

Thousands of Microsoft users had a difficult time with MS Teams as the popular messaging app went down for unknown reasons reported an outage tracking website. MS Teams helps businesses in internal communication, messaging, telecommunication, and organizing their workflow.


• MS Teams went down affecting thousands of users including big businesses
• An outage tracking website reported a broken connection to an internal storage service
• The website also reported issues with Microsoft Office 365
• Microsoft said it had identified the downstream impact and taken action

Who Reported The Outage?

The Redmond, Washington-based company reported that it found a broken connection to an internal storage service on a deployment. But the company did specify the number of users affected by the disruption. Microsoft said that it was investigating the matter. which tracks disruptions with the help of status reports from reliable sources including user-submitted errors has over 4,800 incidents of people reporting issues with MS Teams on Thursday. It further said that more than 1,457 users were still affected by the outage. The website also showed more than 150 incidents of people reporting problems with Microsoft Office 365.

How Did Microsoft React To The Outage Reporting?

Microsoft React To The Outage Reporting

First of all, the company tweeted that it was investigating the disruption, and then came another tweet saying that the downstream impact to multiple Microsoft 365 services with MS Teams integration such as MS Word, Office Online, and SharePoint Online had been identified.

Microsoft said that it had rerouted a portion of traffic to provide some relief within the environment. But Microsoft isn’t the only company facing outages. Last October, a disruption at Meta Platforms kept WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger kept billions of users waiting for six hours.

How Important MS Teams Is For Microsoft?

In January, Microsoft reported that MS Teams had surpassed 270 million monthly active users. During the pandemic when the demand for business-oriented teleconferencing and messaging tools became high, MS Teams provided a reliable solution to create a professional work-from-home environment.


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