Tyler Perry Pens An Emotional Note About Weight Loss

Tyler Perry was just perfect for the role of Madea, the rambunctious-but-loveable grandmother. He’s 6’6” height and a solid 255 pounds weight made him the right person to wear the shoes of Madea, who’s slightly overweight because she loves eating a variety of food but never does workout. But in reality, Tyler Perry is just the opposite of that character.

Tyler Perry lost weight for Hollywood roles….

He lost 30 pounds to fit into a Hollywood character and had been able to keep the weight off. Also, he added more muscles to his body. His morning circuits last almost an hour and include cardio and various types of strength-building exercises. And he has a personal trainer to assist him in all those activities.

Tyler Perry also practices Krav Maga. It is an Israeli martial art that he learned for fight scenes in a movie and now he regularly practices this form of martial arts. His recent Instagram pics show how much Tyler Perry works to keep fit and healthy.

He becomes nostalgic about his weight loss goal….

Tyler Perry said that it he18 lbs short of his goal but he wished to stay on that. It was very difficult to lose weight after 40 but it was so worth it. He said that weight loss keeps a doctor away and advises that people shouldn’t let anything keep them from being healthy and strong.

He wished his mother had fought back. His mother developed diabetes when she was 40 and diet at 64. He said that people shouldn’t let that happen to them by fighting back.

Tyler Perry first felt the need for losing weight to fit into the shoes of titular homicide detective in the upcoming movie Alex Cross. He said that first 28 years of his life were hell and misery. But he’s happy that now he can do whatever he wants.

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