WhatsApp Adds Call Waiting And Privacy Features: Here’re The Details

WhatsApp has added an extremely useful feature to its Android app. It is call-waiting and its advantage is that it provides more freedom to the users. But it isn’t the same call-waiting that you get with regular mobile networks. The feature was made available for iPhone app last month.

How does call waiting on WhatsApp work?

Prior to update, WhatsApp allows only call at a time. If you receive a call in the middle of a call, the incoming call was automatically disconnected and marked as missed call. But the update has changed the setting to allow users to either decline the incoming call or accept the incoming call by ending the ongoing call.

The users would see two buttons “Decline” and “End & Accept” on receiving incoming calls in the middle of outgoing calls. They can simply choose the decline the call and continue with the online callers or end the ongoing calls and connect to the incoming callers depending on their needs. It is available on both the beta as well as stable Android channels. The changelog also has group privacy settings and fingerprint unlock feature.

What are privacy settings?

WhatsApp allows its users to control from being added to unknown groups. Also, the users can enable finger print lock to prevent others from reading their WhatsApp messages. Las month, WhatsApp rolled call waiting feature and a redesigned chat screen with Braille keyboard to send messages using VoiceOver mode. Users can download these features from Google Play store.

Source:- https://bit.ly/2PrsuSZ

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