WhatsApp’s Secret Features That Are Worth Trying

In order to improve the chatting experience of its users, WhatsApp keeps releasing new updates from time to time. While information about most of the latest features is made available through notifications, some features get unnoticed.

Here’re the features that you could have missed

Send messages without typing

WhatsApp allows sending texts without typing but with the help of Google Assistant that will translate your vice commands into text. Or you can use Siri for the purpose. You can even read the messages using the similar method.

Select group

If you don’t want anybody to add you to his group, you can change the setting given in the privacy section of groups. Here you will get the option “Nobody”. Select this option to stay out of the unwanted groups. Or you can choose “My contacts except” to allow your contacts to add you to their groups.

Listen to audio messages

Play a WhatsApp audio message and listen to it like a voice call with the help of your earpiece. The WhatsApp will play the message in the earpiece instead of the main speaker.

Save WhatsApp chats in email

The chat option in settings provides the option to Export Chat. You can use this option to save any chat history from any group or individual to your Gmail account.

Fingerprint lock

Lock your WhatsApp with your fingerprint. The option is available in the privacy section and it works with the fingerprint sensor mechanism of the phone.

Source: https://bit.ly/3btqd2Z

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