Why September 22 Is Celebrated As Daughter’s Day?

Following the theme of celebrating every relation, world celebrates Daughter’s Day every year on fourth Sunday of September. But some countries have different days for celebrating Daughter’s Day. In India, it is on 22nd September.

Why world needs Daughter’s Day?

Parents especially fathers don’t need a reason to celebrate daughters because it is daughters that spread love and happiness in families and society at large. Watching daughters growing up and becoming independent is a pride moment for parents.

History of Daughter’s Day

It isn’t known what led to the start of Daughter’s Day but it is believed that the social issues related to the birth of girl child would have led the world to celebrate daughters by dedicating a day to them. Issues like female infanticide and dowry continue to plague the society and they are available in every society.

Daughter’s Day marks the beginning of a new era where girl child gets equal rights in family and society. It reminds the society that daughters are here to celebrate life and festivals. They are they joy of life, family and society. But the society still considers women as second grade citizens.

How to celebrate Daughter’s Day?

It is the right time to tell your daughter how much you love and care about her. You can buy a gift for her or take her out on a dinner. Let her feel how special she is for you. Every parent should celebrate Daughter’s Day in order to spread the message of love and happiness in the society.

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