₹ 28 Crore Avadi Lake Restoration Project: A Drop In The Ocean For Parched Chennai

The Paruthapattu Lake in Avadi is converted into an 85-acre reservoir to quench the thirst of Chennai that has now become a parched city. Infested with sewage, the lake was revived with a ₹ 28 crore-project.

Dream project of Avadi legislator and Tamil Nadu Cultural Minister K Pandiarajan aka Ma Foi Pandiarajan, the lake is developed into a bio-park with a three-kilometer walking path. Also, a sewage treatment plant (STP) is constructed close to the lake. Built with a cost of ₹ 35 crore, the sewage treatment plant will pump 1 crore litres of treated water into the 12-feet deep lake. Also, the STP would sell water for industrial use.

With 15 lakes, Avadi is called a lake district and development of the Paruthapattu Lake is a classic example of restoration of water bodies. Though it is unlikely to meet the water needs of the city but it is certainly a big step towards a reliable solution for the water crisis.

Source: https://bit.ly/2RGu8Rp

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