23 Children Rescued After 10 Long Hours And Killing The Hostage Taker In UP

UP police rescued 23 children from the captivity of a murder convict who had held the children under gunpoint. It happened in a small village in Farrukhabad district in west Uttar Pradesh.

Children held hostage at gunpoint

Subhash Batham is murder convict but out on bail. He reached home and invited children from his neighborhood to his home on the pretext of celebrating birthday of his daughter. Neighbors allowed their children to go to his home without sensing the danger.

At home, he held the children hostage on strange grounds but parents came to know about the situation late at night when children didn’t return to their homes. Parents reached Batham’s home but he intimidated them with his gun and gunshots. A villager was injured in the firing.

Panicked at the situation, the parents reached the nearest police station for help. Police sent a PCR van to assess the situation but Batham fired at the police with his gun. He also hurled a crude bomb on the police van from his terrace.

Subhash Batham was shot dead

Sensing gravity of the situation, the Kanpur Zone Inspector General reached the crime spot with a squad of anti-terrorism commandos. The IG tried to negotiate release of the children with Subhash Batham but to no avail. Finally, the police had to resort to action after 10 hours.

Subhash Batham had held everyone including his wife and daughter hostage at gun point. The commandos entered the home by distracting his attention and opened fired at him. He was shot dead and the children were released.

Source: https://bit.ly/2RIsn7W

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