25 Crore Workers From 10 Central Trade Unions Call For 24-Hour Nationwide Bandh On January 8

The Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) has called for Bharat Bandh against the disinvestment, privatisation and labour reform policies of the central government. According to CITU, ten central trade unions were supporting its cause.

CITU calls for a nationwide strike

CITU said that it had been over four years since the last Indian Labour conference took place in August 2015. In the last conference, the government created a Group of Ministers to consider the 12 point-charter of demands of the labour unions. But nothing happened after that meeting. It further said that the government started selling Public Sector Undertakings and natural resources to strengthen the failing economy.

Worker’s demand

The 24-hour strike is called to oppose privatization policies of the central government and present a 12-poing common demand like working-class on pay hike, fixing of the minimum wage, social security and uniform five-day week.

Services affected by Bharat Bandh

Banking services are more likely to get affected by the nationwide strike but private sector banks are likely to work as usual. But the transport sector is likely to get the maximum impact of the strike. According to SBI, only a few members of its unions are participating in the Bandh. Also, BJP-affiliated Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh won’t participate in the strike.

Government on nationwide strike

The government has warned those participating in the strike of consequences the 24-hour strike. Their wages would be cut and they could face disciplinary action. The Ministry of Personnel has prohibited government employees from participating in the strike.

Source: https://bit.ly/2sOJGe8

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