Player Ratings Of Manchester United VS Manchester City

Bernardo Silva put fabulous efforts with Riyad Mahrez for City’s second to take lead over United. City scored 3 goals and United managed to score only one in return. Let’s have a look at the star players of this match.

Manchester United

Aaron Wan-Bissaka – 6

As expected, he provided excellent defense and efficiently tackled the front foot to bolster United’s attacking output.

Phil Jones – 5

Still in the recovery phase after suffering a torrid night, Phil Jones could do nothing other than watching Bernardo unleashing his unstoppable strike that open the scoring from the top corner. Soon Kevin De Bruyne turned him inside out for City’s third.

Victor Lindelof – 5

His casual retreat resulted in his failure to tackle Bernardo and like Jones, he was also a witness to the City’s attacking movement. He was simply unable to grip the football of City.

Brandon Williams – 6

This teenager has much potential but he felt helpless due to his style at times when City overloaded on his side. He tried in the 55th minute of the game but that was too late for this energetic player to do something.

Fred – 6

He put admirable efforts but failed to put a tab over City’s ever-changing midfield. There could be a debate whether he is good enough to play central midfield for United.

Andreas Pereira – 5

He kept running after the ball and tried his best until the misfortune stuck before the half-time. This footballer kicked the ball into his own net.

Daniel James – 4

He was in need of a break after losing some of the early season sparkle. His replacement in the team came when the United’s team had become very demanding.

Jesse Lingard – 4

His contribution to United was meager but he gave a strong defend to the opposition. Here it can be said that his substitution at half-time could be a crucial moment for United for all the wrong reasons.

Marcus Rashford – 7

Played in a clinical manner to take his goal and his game was certainly the best moments of United in the first-half. But in the second half, he was seen looking for football.

Mason Greenwood – 6

Displayed some decent touches including the moment when he snatched the ball from the opponents before being stopped. But that was a lost opportunity for both the player and the team.


Nemanja Matic – 7

Produced a glimmer of hope for United when went close to Bernardo but fizzle out soon and with him United lost all hopes of recovering.

Angel Gomes – 7

Thrown into the field with only 30 minutes remaining to the game. But played a great football for United to give respectability to the scoreline.

Anthony Martial – N/A

Was on the ground only for a few last minutes.

Manchester City

Claudio Bravo – 6

He would be remembered for the one meaningful shot he played in the game.

Kyle Walker – 8

He could have added a few more goals to the City’s score had Raheem Sterling supported him in finishing the attack from left-hand side.

Nicolas Otamendi – 6

Remained in the heart of City’s defense throughout the evening.

Fernandinho – 7

Assured his team a classy beginning to look at the win.

Benjamin Mendy – 6

His skills remain untested and subdued in the brightest attacking moments by City stars but he tried to take place on the opposite flank.

Rodrigo – 7

Together with Llkay Gundogan, set the base for City’s inter-changing attack but was booked for cynical foul on Greenwood.

Llkay Gundogan – 8

The only thing that went wrong with his performance is misplacing a pass in the 89th minute of the game.

Riyad Mahrez – 8

He displayed wonderful football when he bypassed Williams midway through the second half. But his clinical finishing won him more applause and accolades.

Kelvin De Bruyne – 8

He scored the third goal that sealed the fate of United. This great player kept the host confused and made fool of everyone while defining City’s formation for attack.

Bernardo Silva – 9

He attacked into the top corner and set the pitch for the second game ending goal for City.

Raheem Sterling – 7

One of the City footballers that get more chances of turning goals. He could turn more than half chances into scores.


Gabriel Jesus – N/A

Came only for final 10 minutes as a replacement to De Bruyne.


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