3 Mistakes That You Are Doing This Winter & Skincare Tips To Repair Them

Winter days are truly amazing. The cold breeze, snowfall, and hot cup tea make your days enjoyable. Apart from these, when it comes to looking beautiful everyone hates winters especially December month.

If you are going to the party, or to attend birthday bash and more, you just want to look beautiful. So, for all my beautiful girls I have shared good skincare tips that give you flawless skin forever. Moreover, we spoke to the experts and found 3 mistakes that maybe you are doing, resultant you have dull skin.

1 mistake: You are eating too much snack

If you are drinking too much alcohol to save your body from cool nights, it is the big reason your skin is dry because of dehydration. It also causes puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Our experts also say, eating too much snack (salt) bloats your face and add dullness. On this note, experts say one should need to drink plenty of water to keep skin and body hydrated and avoid the intake of excess salt. Instead of a snack, eat fresh fruits like avocado.

Skincare tip: Massage your face

With the regular face massage or exercise, your skin shines like a stone. It enhances the blood circulation that works to improve collagen and reduce inflammation. Massage your face upward and outward direction to look stunning all day.

2 mistake: Inadequate sleep

In December month, you have to attend a lot of parties some for Christmas and some for New Year Eve. Good sleep is important because the skin starts its rejuvenation process at night, so if you are not sleeping enough, you are not giving time to your skin to look better. With lack of sleep, your face loses its moisture, hydration, and crucial nutrients and you have to suffer from a lot of skin concerns. Experts say a person needs to take 8hours of sleep at night.

Skincare tip: Use sleeping mask

If you know you will not get enough sleep at night. The sleeping mask work good to better the skin rejuvenation process in a few hours.

3 mistake: sleep with makeup

It’s too hectic to remove makeup when you are completely tired, but you have to do this. No matter how much you are tired. If you sleep with makeup, pores closed and lead to a dull appearance. To remove makeup, opt for coconut oil or another natural method to remove chemicals and add gentle care on the skin. Even you can use Micellar water to clean the makeup.

Skincare tip: Exfoliation

Exfoliation soap or scrub can remove dead skin cells. With this, your skin gets enough healthiness and moisture to leave a glowing face forever.

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