After Modi, Amit Shah Also Denied Working On Nationwide NRC

Did PM Narendra Modi contradict the December 9 statement of Home Minister Amit Shah in Lok Sabha. Amit Shah said that the government would implement NRC on pan-India basis. But PM Modi denied working on all-India NRC while speaking at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi.

Amit Shah on NPR, NRC and CAA protest

The Home Minister said that CAA was about giving citizenship to people belonging to certain class and that it couldn’t deprive citizens of their citizenship. He further said that NPR was a register of population residing in India. It would help in framing schemes.

He said that in NRC every individual would be asked to prove his basis for becoming a citizen of this country. He assured that there was no similarity between NRP and NRC and that these two are different laws and couldn’t be used to supplement each-other.

Amit Shah criticized opposition

The Union Home Minister accused the opposition of trying to misleading public on NPR because they couldn’t do so on CAA. He said that people had understood what CAA was and what its advantages were. He gave example of Assam where the NRC was first implemented and said that when Assam was silent then why others were protesting.

Opposition questioned Amit Shah

Opposition parties pointed towards the reply of former minister Kiarn Rijiju on NRC. He said that the government had started working on the National Register of Indian Citizens based on the information collected under NPR. The opposition questioned the delinking of NRC and NPR.


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