8 Google Pays Tribute To BB King On His 94th Birthday With A Doodle On His Life

Today’s Google Doodles is the latest trending news on the web. Dedicated to late BB King on his 94th birth anniversary, the video features the true colors of the vibrant life of the iconic guitarist, singer-songwriter and record producer.

Who’s BB King?

Born in 1925 near a town called Itta Bena in Mississippi, BB King started his music career with recording in 1949 and soon became an iconic musician of his time. But he won the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the year 1987 after almost four decades of his music career.

Interesting incident of his life

It happened in 1949. BB King once ran into a burning nightclub to rescue his beloved guitar. The incident shows his love for music. He risked his life to save his guitar from burning.

Ruined personal life

BB King tied the knots two times but both the marriages ended in a failure. His first wife was Martha Lee Denthon and second wife was Sue Carol Hall. While BB King made a remarkable progress in his professional life, he had to struggle a lot to maintain a balance in his personal life that remained traumatic right from the beginning.

Famous tracks of BB King The Shrill is Gone and Every Day I have the Blues are his popular tracks but his first hit was “Three O’Clock Blues”. The Doodle illustration was produced by Little Rock-based guest artist Steve Spencer and animator NayeliLavanderos from Brooklyn. The Doodle video is the journey of personal and professional life of BB King.

Source: https://bit.ly/2mdN5PH

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