A Bihari Farmer Selling His Crop ₹1 Lakh/KG

If you are of the opinion that farming isn’t a profitable business then this news from Bihar could be an eye-opener for you. A farmer in Bihar cultivated a specific kind of vegetable that sells ₹1 lakh/kg. It is the costliest crop in the world and a humble Indian farmer from a poor state has proved that it could be a game-changer for the farming community.

What is that crop?

It is Hops and popularly known as seed cones or strobiles. Member of the Cannabaceae family of flowering plants, it is considered the costliest crop because of its uses and health benefits. Would you believe that no part of this plant goes to waste? Everything from fruit, flower to the stem has multiple uses in food and medicines.

What are the uses of Hops flower?

It is used by the beer industry for making alcoholic beverages. Hops flower works as a stability agent in beer making. Also, it is considered a potential remedy for Tuberculosis. Hops plant is rich in antioxidants hence good for your skin. It is also known to bring relief in mental conditions like anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Who cultivated Hops in Bihar?

Amresh Singh (38), a farmer from Karamnidh Village of Aurangabad district of Bihar, cultivated this risky crop in his field. He bought the seeds of this plant from the Indian Vegetable Research Institute at Varanasi and became the first farmer to cultivate this crop in India. Presently Hops is a rare vegetable in Indian markets.

Source:- https://bit.ly/3dvL3RU

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