The World Sees Russian Tanks Being Moved To Ukraine Border In Viral Videos

Russia is sending its military equipment including tanks and other armored vehicles to the Ukraine border and it has employed all trains including those used to transport farming equipment for military purposes even during the farming season.

Viral video of Russian military movement

Several videos of the Russian army moving its armored vehicles towards the Ukraine border are doing round these days. And it is claimed that these videos are made after March 27. The videos show trains carrying a 2S19 Msta-S self-propelled howitzer of 152 millimeters, BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle, and military trucks across a railway bridge connecting Russia with the Crimean Peninsula.

What is the tension between Russia and Ukraine?

Russia has maintained its military presence in Crimea after winning this country in 2014. But it is irritated with the bilateral relations between Ukraine and the US. Recently, the US sent a big consignment of army equipment to Ukraine. But Russia is silent on its latest military adventure on the Ukraine border.

The US asked about the Russian military movement

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said that they were trying to get information from Russia over its military movement. General Mark Met, chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff of the US Army, had sought information about the military movement from his Russian counterpart General Valeri Gerasimov. But it isn’t known what was his response to the US. The US army general also contacted Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army, Ruslan Khomch. But things are still uncertain and the world is feeling threatened by the Russian military.


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