A Fan Uploaded Last Selfie With Kobe Bryant

A young fan of Kobe Bryant could have captured the last picture of the basketball legend had Kobe allowed him. But the fan quickly clicked a selfie as Kobe Bryant walked past him. He was thirteen-year-old BradySmigiel.

Selfie with Kobe Bryant

Brady Smigiel was in the Mamba Sports Academy owned by Kobe Bryant for a match. Luckily the basketball star was also at the academy to coach the team of his daughter Gianna (13). Brady was happy to find Bryant in the academy and wanted to click a picture with the star.

Brady approach Kobe Bryant for a picture but the latter promised a better picture next day. According to Brady’s mother, Dionne Smigiel, the NBA star wasn’t in the mood to click picture because his daughter’s team lost their match.

Brady Smigiel waited for selfie

An ardent fan of Kobe Bryant, Brady waited for the NBA star to come out after Gianna’s game. And the star came out but only to decline his request. Kobe Bryant promised Brady a good picture the next day but the destiny has different things for Kobe.

According to Brandy, Kobe Bryant asked whether he was playing the tournament and when Brandy responded in affirmation, Kobe said that they would take a picture the next day. But that day never came.

Brandy Smigiel quickly take out his mobile and took an instant selfie when the NBA star walked past him. The next day, Brandy uploaded the picture on Facebook with caption “we will take a better pic tomorrow”.

Source: https://bit.ly/36KQLKu

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