According to Dietitians, This is the Best Time to Eat Breakfast

While growing up we have heard from all elders that Breakfast is the most important meal of the whole day. Some say that without the good breakfast no one should attend the best in the world and that is right.

A healthy morning meal not just provide us the energy to do every task in a whole day but it also manages the weight, energize your metabolism, balance blood sugar level and also make better the cognitive functions.

Why skipping breakfast is bad for health?

To skip breakfast meals leads to many health issues including fatigue, stress, diabetes, susceptibility to obesity and mostly it increases the fat. While miss your breakfast can complicate your hunger Hormones and leads to overeating which makes you fat and unhealthy and sometimes it increases the risk of nutrients deficiency and cardiovascular disease.

What kind of Breakfast can help in your effective weight loss?

In the morning meal, the body absorbs all the nutrients very fast so we must eat our Breakfast within two hours of getting up or between 7 to 8 am. For weight loss, high protein breakfast is very good because firstly it decreases the risk of the fat collection in the body and eating this makes you feel full for the whole day. In breakfast, some amount of carbohydrates is also essential because it gives the energy to do various tasks for the whole day.

Wholesome breakfast also helps to lose weight. So we share some different breakfast options that give you fiber, protein, and carbs which maintain your body shapes:

• Vegetable oats with milk and buttermilk

• Vegetables quinoa and poha with toned milk or oat milk.

• Multi-grain vegetable sandwich with soya milk.

• Sprouts cheela with mint chutney

• Stuffed Chapati with lassi

So, start your day with a healthy breakfast.

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