Amazon Releases “The Rings Of Power” To Win The Streaming Wars

The Rings of Power started on Amazon Prime is a 50-hour television is a big gamble but it is central to Amazon’s bid to stand out in the streaming, especially with HBO Max whose own “Game of Thrones” prequel has just been launched. But it is a big gamble for Amazon.


• The Rings of Power characters are barely referenced in Tolkien’s trilogy
• The web series is funded by Jeff Bezos himself a fan of Tolkien
• Set in Tolkien’s “Second Age”, the story has characters largely unknown to creators

Why The Rings Of Power Is Called Amazon’s Gamble?

The show blindly follows the popularity of the books still voted the world’s best novels of all time and Peter Jackson’s Oscar-winning film adaptations. But populated by characters who are barely referenced in Tolkien’s trilogy, there is no doubting the scale of the gamble.

What Are The New Characters In The Rings Of Power?

The Rings Of Power

Princess Disa is the first female and first Black dwarf depicted on screen in Tolkien’s world. Sophia Nomvete who is playing the character said that it was quite nerve-wracking.

The young Isildur or the tragic hero, struggling with the death of his mother, overbearing pressure from his father, and a romantic yearning for adventure is also a new entry into the story. It is played by Baldry.

Younger elves such as Galadriel and Elrond from Jackson’s film are taken into the web series. But there is no Frodo, Gollum, or Aragorn in sight.

While most characters are appearing for the first time, some are created from the scratch simply to spice up the story.

What Is The Cost Of The Web Series?

Amazon bought the rights from Tolkien’s estate for $250 million and splurged some $465 million on the first season alone. Since it is making five full seasons, the final cost is expected to pass $1 billion.


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